Sportster Adapter for Craftsman Lift

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By Crazy Steve,
93 anniversary XL1200
78 XS1100

Lift adaptors for Craftsman model # 50190

 Materials needed:



1. Remove the plastic pads from the lift. You should have 8 mounting holes.

They aren't glued, should just pull off.

2. Cut two pieces of sq. tube @ 7" long.
3. Cut last inch off each end leaving the "ears". See fig. 1.

3. Bend the "ears" up at not quite a 90 degree angle so that they cradle the frame tubes. You should have about 1/8" side-to-side play. If you add padding don't forget to add it's thickness also. See fig. 2.

4. On the bottom, drill two 5/16" holes @ 4  1/4" on center. That's the measurement for my lift, verify for yours. Should be the same. If not, you'll have to drill the lift to this measurement. See fig. 3.

5. Ream the holes out at about a 45 degree angle; this will allow you to install the bolts inside the tube. See fig. 4.

Give it some paint and it's ready to install. To hold the bolts, jam a flat screwdriver between the bolt head and the side of the tube.If you add padding, rivit or screw the rubber as close to the bend as you can so they don't rub the frame tubes. Install the bolts BEFORE you attach the rubber the bolts probably won't clear ends of the rivits/screws. I made some aluminum washers to help hold it on. The adaptor will fit inside of the front frame cross brace locating the bike back-and-forth; the "ears" hold it side-to-side. It's tough to see, but the pics will show you. When the lift starts to contact the bike, pull it up straight as you lift and it'll come right up. Mount both adaptors on the same side of the lift as per the pics. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to get rid of the ratchet tiedowns as they seem to always be in the way. Still working on that....

Crazy Steve
93 anniversary XL1200
78 XS1100

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