81 years on Two Wheels ! It runs in the family

ere's Ruth Munro, or G'majoe, my grandmother on her Indian Ace inline 4-cyl bike. She was 17 at the time (1923). She rode this one because it was low enough to the ground so she could put both feet down. She and my grandfather (Grandpa Joe) rode Harleys and Indians for years. G'majoe used to take the Indian with a sidecar to do shopping.

Here's G'majoe with my sportster. Looking hip in her do-rag, G'majoe is an amazing 98 years young! 

Here's G'majoe with me and the bike. We were going to take a ride, but she just had a new hip installed, but promised to be ready next trip up.

This is the Munro Motorcycle Gang, four of the five brothers with bikes. Joe, my grandfather is the 2nd from the left. The missing brother didn't have a motorcycle.