Crescent Software Assembly Tutor

Assembler School
Basic for Comfort, Assembler for speed
The Register family
Jump on not equal
Memory in the 8088
PC Interrupts
The AH Register is the doorman for Interrupt 21h
The Base pointer and Stack Pointer registers
Segmented Registers (AX = AH/AL)
The AX register
Spaghetti code?
The Stack
Accessing variables on the stack with BP
Jump on Sign
Using a CMP to test a variable can slow you down
Basic Fixed Length strings
set the direction on mov string byte
Basic Huge Arrays
BX Base Register
CX - The Count Register
LEA - Load Effective Address (get both segment and offset)
Adding a little assembler to the receipe
Calling Print Screen
The Do It All key
Using link to create an executable
Roll up your sleeves and write some code
Some publications of the past