Rough Ideas (unpublished)

No more cables (from PC Magazine junket)
Construction - don't bother to wait
Devil gate (Conceptual piece not published)
Lab monkey
Democracy, what Democracy
Blow the Whistle!
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
Natural Born Hackers
Modem Animal
Here's our manager model, it looks great but doesn't do anything
Privacy Man!
Every Tom, Dick, and cat has Help (inside joke…)
Rough caricature for Martell (never used)
All about the bass
Cool mouse
Gate's Motel
Jeff's sunrise
lighthouse on the cape
Mouse ball
Go OJ!
Goin' to work
Over the road trucker ad
Old secretary
Spread it evenly now girls
I don't get this bacon thing
Still life faucet
Dupont Discovers Nylon
Mute Swan
Nerds on trikes
Be sure to close the door all the way