personal stuff (unpublished)

Squirrels (drawn for my late mother-in-law)
Barksdale and Klein (political toon for Jon Zuck)
The Contessa of the Barge
Squirrel Server 2000
I'm going for about $10k at Southeby's, how about you?
Bill (Bully) Gates at the battle of Capital Hill!
Poke it with a stick!
You can't polish a turd…
Whadda ya mean, potato, potato, potato…
Trick or treat, it's all the same to me…
Ah, no computers…", "You can say that again!
Drinkin' from the firehose
Rush hour: Evansville, IN
Trick or Treat Friendly
Professor Poor's HDTV Guides
Cinephiles Cover (U of Bridgeport Film School Newsletter)
Eye diagram
Caricature of Rory from Carl Franklin's site (who's Rory?)
A bad day on the highway
Couch Potato
Going Mobile!
When Pigs Fly
Percoset Haze
Send out for software
I hope we don't look back at these as the good old days
The rats are jumping from the ship
Look, I can't bring you any assignments, you'll have to call your editor!
Clear out aisle 3 and setup the printer testing
father time
There goes the neighborhood
DOJ coming through
Goth cow
What Turkeys that make it past Thanksgiving do for the winter
When good Microswaves go bad