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19/1/19961001 things to do while waiting for a compile1001 things to do while waiting for a compile View
21/10/1995Split key keyboard companySplit keyboard company View
39/1/1997I don't mind reusing objects, but the sorting drives me nuts!Sorting objects View
43/1/1997When Mail servers go postalwhen mail servers go postal View
51/1/1998Do you think we've overdone the metaphorjava building View
610/1/1997Agents on the webCover shot no caption View
77/1/1996Ok, here's the primary domain server, and we'll be running TCP/IP to the clients…web caveman View
88/1/1996Distributed Objects on the WebDistributed objects on web View
910/1/1996Hello Legacy MaintenanceLegacy maintenance View
1011/1/1996Project management isn't that hard, with the right tools of courseProject maintenance View
1112/1/1996I understand the list is important, but object programming isn't magic..A better caption would be "I understand the list is important but the network is down" View
1212/1/1997Well I'll be, some kid hacked himself out of the Bad Listchristmas 1997 View
131/1/1997Y'know that old saw about 10,000 monkeys and Shakespeare? I just updated the idea.Simian software View
142/1/1997Jack, we need to discuss your network securitynetwork security with guns View
153/1/1997After Careful analysis, I can identify only one pattern.After Careful analysis, I can identify only one Pattern. View
162/1/1997Intranet, Fast, Secure, EasyIntranet, fast secure, easy View
175/1/1997Yeah, it looks like Information Overload alright,Information overload View
184/1/199718 months of work to break our applications into distributed modules, and now I can't remember whyeighteen months View
194/1/1997Hamburger BillIllustration for column. View
207/1/1998So, how are you going to celebrate?Y2K bugs View
218/1/1998Dr Zook's Y2K solutionDr Zook's View
224/1/1997That fat web guy that always sits next to you…fat web guy View
2311/1/1997Replication Services Group, may we help youreplicatoin group View
247/1/1997Object TestingObject testing in the classroom View
256/1/1997When Little Java grows upwhen little java grows up. View
268/1/1997Bills Objects won't talk to mine. View
273/1/1998Making money the old fashioned wayMaking money the old fashioned way View
28Test Test Test!Test Test Test View
29I've gotta take this, it's a remote procedure callremote procedure call View
30Hey Harv, your object broker's on the phoneHey Harv, your object broker's on the phone View
31I don't know why they keep trying to explain technical stuff to managementI don't know why they keep trying to explain technical stuff to management View
32when are we going to make moneywhen are we going to make money View
33Yes, the stars are in perfect alignment for a debugging session.Yes, the stars are in perfect alignment for a debugging session. View
34It must be a guy thing, it does the transaction but it won't commitIt must be a guy thing, it does the transaction but it won't commit View
35Where the chips in your head are madeWhere the chips in your head are made View
36I can't hear youI can't hear you View
37John, I think this project's getting to youJohn, I think this project's getting to you View
38Before we start with the design of our system, please take a blindfold.Before we start with the design of our system, please take a blindfold. View
39The DOC PartyThe DOC Party View
40The Event Driven ParadigmEvent Driven Paradign View
41Heh Heh HehHeh Heh Heh View
426/1/1998Mother of all Windows 98 books WebsiteMom 98 website animation View
43Fat PepperFat Pepper View
443/1/1999Migrant Tech WorkersMigrant Tech Workers View
45Halt!Halt! View
46Watson, Come here.Watson come here View
47"I'm sorry you're not in the zone, but we have to get a product out.""I'm sorry you're not in the zone, but we have to get a product out." View
48Viacom? Why not a corbaViacom? Why not a corba? View
49My boy, the future is componentsMy boy, the future is components View
50Looks like the Audio Feed is down again! View
51Woody IconWoody Icon View
52Woodgeekwoodgeek View
53Mild mannered barrymild mannered barry View
54Billy 98Billy 98 View
55I hate bootstrapping these legacy machinesI hate bootstrapping these legacy machines View
56Woody Walking - for Wopr WebsiteWoody Walking - for Wopr Website View
576/1/1991Neighbors View
586/1/1991Y'know OM, you really ought to check that line sometime View
596/1/1992RF SnifferRF Sniffer View
606/1/1991Don't overload the transmitterDon't overload the transmitter View
616/1/1991No ground problems hereNo ground problems here View
626/1/1991Here's a choke that will fix the whole problemHere's a choke that will fix the whole problem View
636/1/1991FB, but I still don't see how polarizing my antenna's will fix my TVI problemFB, but I still don't see how polarizing my antenna's will fix my TVI problem View
646/1/1991Oh, No, here it goes againOh, No, here it goes again View
656/1/1991Ever since that family moved into the old addams house, I've been getting strange QRM every night View
666/1/1991Hurry before he discovers this path View
67Assembler SchoolAssembly Tutor illustration View
68Basic for Comfort, Assembler for speedcomfort & speed View
69The Register family View
70Jump on not equal View
71Memory in the 8088 View
72PC Interrupts View
73The AH Register is the doorman for Interrupt 21h View
74The Base pointer and Stack Pointer registers View
75Segmented Registers (AX = AH/AL) View
76The AX register View
77Spaghetti code? View
78The Stack View
79Accessing variables on the stack with BP View
80pointers View
81Jump on Sign View
82Using a CMP to test a variable can slow you down View
83Basic Fixed Length strings View
84set the direction on mov string byte View
85Basic Huge Arrays View
86BX Base Register View
87CX - The Count Register View
88LEA - Load Effective Address (get both segment and offset) View
89Adding a little assembler to the receipe View
90Calling Print Screen View
91The Do It All key View
92Using link to create an executable View
93Debugging View
94Roll up your sleeves and write some code View
95Some publications of the past View
964/1/1999Competition Cooker Label View
97zzzzzzzz View
987/1/1999Hold on a second while I check the solutions database View
99Sheesh, middleware people View
1006/1/1999IPO View
1018/1/2000When Good Quakers Go BadLogo for Al Poors Quaker Band View
102Look John, skip the rest of the PowerPoint and get to the demo View
103Web Shoe Store View
104Ebay 100,000 years bc View
105Streaming Media View
106Nerd E-Commerce conspiracy View
107And I always thought it was a guy thing View
108Virtual Reality View
109The Laptop Demo View
110Hey Man, aren't you going to shoot me so I can sue for some REAL Money! View
111For Pete's sake Bill, use the Zoom feature! View
112That's not a good sign, Dude. View
113Bug School View
114Midnight Computer Supply View
115Squirrel Server 2000 View
116untitled View
117I'm going for about $10k at Southeby's, how about you? View
118Blow the Whistle! View
119See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil View
120Natural Born Hackers View
121Modem Animal View
122Zero Latency View
1238/1/1999And this model is 100% Y2K complient View
124High Score! View
125Bill (Bully) Gates at the battle of Capital Hill! View
126The Windows 95 Boot sequence View
127Don't worry folks, repairs are almost done View
128This doesn't look promising View
129His Masters Code View
130I was looking through my husband's bookmarks and Victoria's not so secret anymore! View
131Here's our manager model, it looks great but doesn't do anything View
132Poke it with a stick! View
133You can't polish a turd… View
134The City Walk View
135Y'know honey, sometimes I miss the bickering View
136If the internet business model were applied to real life View
137Whadda ya mean, potato, potato, potato… View
138Privacy Man! View
139Yes we discussed it… View
140I'm thinking about having a few bronzed View
141I said shave, not aftershave! View
142"Hah Hah Hah!!!" View
143Ok, who's got the map? View
144Here's the plan, we lay low for a year, then go. View
145Honey, I think I should lay off the ice pack for a while… View
146Honey, I'm sure the doctor stiched it tight enough not to leak… View
147Hey, Harry, where's the semen analysis forms? View
148Sorry, we'll need another sample, this time without saliva… View
149Honest, I'll show you the scar! View
150After everything I went through, now she has a headache! View
151Trick or treat, it's all the same to me… View
152"Ah, no computers…", "You can say that again!" View
153Drinkin' from the firehose View
154Rush hour: Evansville, IN View
155Trick or Treat Friendly View
156Every tom, dick, and cat has Help (inside joke…) View
157Professor Poor's HDTV Guides View
158Cinephiles Cover (U of Bridgeport Film School Newsletter) View
159Airbrush Camera poster (unpublished) View
160Eye diagram View
161Caricature of Rory from Carl Franklin's site (who's Rory?) View
162Rough caricature for Martell (never used) View
163Robin for a surplus website View
164Caricature of Michael Miller used for Browser Bob article View
165A bad day on the highway View
166Couch Potato View
167Going Mobile! View
168When Pigs FlyWhen pigs fly View
169Percoset HazePercoset Haze View
170Send out for software View
171I hope we don't look back at these as the good old days View
172The rats are jumping from the ship View
173"Look, I can't bring you any assignments, you'll have to call your editor!" View
174Clear out aisle 3 and setup the printer testing View
175father time View
176Y2K9 View
177javaman then and now View
178There goes the neighborhood View
179DOJ coming through View
180Flamingo AirFlamingo Air View
181Beach View
182All about the bass View
183Cool mouse View
184Gate's Motel View
185Jeff's sunrise View
186lighthouse on the cape View
187Mouse ball View
188Go OJ! View
189Goin' to work View
190Over the road trucker ad View
191Old secretary View
192Spread it evenly now girls View
193I don't get this bacon thing View
194Still life faucet View