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The Security Watch Newsletter
on PC Magazine Online!

 Click here to see a list of published reviews and articles Jay has written recently. Please note that some links may go south if the magazine's website changes.

On November 4th, 2003, Jay began helped develop and wrote the PC Magazine Security Watch Newsletter. Security Watch Newsletter is a weekly digest that covering Viruses, Worms and other computer threats, leaving out the fluff, politics or opinion and delivering just the facts you need to know to keep your PC safe. After a year, Jay  moved on to bigger and better things, the newsletter is still being written by Larry Seltzer, a long time colleague, and is definitely worth checking out.

 Maybe not quite a Renaissance man, Jay's got a number of sidelines. Click below to check out some.

Cartoon Portfolio Site

The TechToons site

Handcrafted Jewelry site


Laser Pointer Cat Toys!


Photo Gallery
 Before he got into computers, Jay was a professional photographer. Here's some of his work. (viewable in IE 4 or greater only)
Jay's photo gallery

Jay's Motorcycle pages
  Check out Jay's Sportster, Ultra Classic, and how motorcycling runs in the family. There are also some interesting do-it-yourself projects as well.

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